Kingdom of Alari was once ruled by a beautiful Queen. She brought happiness, peace and safety across the land. The citizens of Alari loved her, adored her. But one day, she is announced "dead". The kingdom grieved over such news and all attended her suppose funeral. This was the day her older brother stepped up as ruler, and this was the day the kingdom fell apart. The new king had forced fear into the citizens, he even dared to kill his own citizens, sending them a sign that no one should ever dare to disobey him. 

During the time of his ruling many people still believed the Queen was still alive, somehow. Others chose to form a rebellion to dethrone the king. The rest just gave up on hope and obeyed his rule.

Will you find the truth that was so easily hidden?

Other Info:Edit

  •  Don't flip out over such stupid stuff.
  • The king may be rped by you if you are in need of him.(Just get his behavior right)
  • Get along with everyone
  • Have fun.

If you have any questions, please talk to me.

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